A minimal look and transformation of clothing -
that is all about individuality, creativity and freedom

The Designer

"I create for somebody who understands how special and unique they are." - Kristina Sviderskaite

Kristina Sviderskaitė creates for a well-educated, stylish and modern woman and man. Contrasting colours, graphic elements, interesting shapes and search for unique constructions, as well as combination of different fabrics and transformation possibilities all are features of Sviderskaitė’s works, inspired by external social and cultural factors and issues.

The designer does not like it when mass production is labelled as ‘unique’ and this is the reason why prefers small runs for her creations. Most of her works are not subjected to any particular season and may be easily adapted and transformed.

“I create for somebody who understands how special and unique they are. I am very much interested in those who think differently, who are not afraid of the different, and who have a free and creative attitude to the world. It is precisely these personalities that my works are dedicated to. Transformation is particularly important in my clothing because it is through transformation that I give the wearer freedom, creativity, and possibility of change and adaption to different situations. Probably one of the most wonderful things for me is that surprise on someone’s face when I show them all the different ways of wearing my clothing. It’s almost like a social project which aims at showing people that things could be different,” Kristina says. 


PANERIŲ Str. 39-501 , LT- 03229, VILNIUS – LITHUANIA

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